Unplugged and Happy

Summer camp at High Rocks gives children an opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities such as hiking, camping, arts and crafts, paddling, and many more. These activities can help children to develop important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Additionally, the unplugged environment can help children to develop a greater appreciation for nature and the environment, and to form close bonds with their peers and counselors.

By unplugging from technology and digital devices, children can also have a chance to develop their own creativity, imagination, and independence. They can learn to rely on their own resources and ideas, rather than relying on screens and technology for entertainment and information. This can be a valuable experience for children, helping them to become more confident, self-reliant, and well-rounded individuals.

It is easy to be unplugged during the summer at Camp High Rocks. the key part of this adventure is that all of the campers and nearly all of the staff are without their electronics. This technology-free environment eliminates the temptation and allows boys to be present in the moment. The fact that we are all in it together and basically its “what you do” at High Rocks. It’s not even a question as to whether they will bring their phone or not.

What I see the most is boys actually enjoying the time with each other. They create conversations, and games, and even figure out how to socialize. I really enjoy watching them playing cards or board games where they are focused on each other and the game, but there is still this background of goofiness and laughter you cannot find online.

Finally, being unplugged at a summer camp like High Rocks can be seen as a communal experience, where campers are all participating in a shared goal of disconnecting from technology and enjoying each other. This can create a sense of camaraderie and community, making it easier for everyone to be unplugged.