What To Bring To Camp

Your guide for packing for camp.

Packing & Clothing

By planning ahead and packing appropriately, you will set yourself up for success at Camp High Rocks. Comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement and full participation in our activities is crucial.

Weather: Summer days in Western North Carolina can be in the low 90°F and nights can cool down to as low as 50°F in late May. Typical days range from 60°F to 85°F.

Laundry: There are two options available for doing laundry while at camp.
(1) Sending Out With Campers – Campers in our sessions longer than one week will send their clothes off-site to be laundered. This is a free service we provide that counselors may use as well.
(2) Do It Yourself – We have washers and dryers at camp, along with laundry detergent, that are free for you to use.

Counselor Packing List

Our list is based off what we believe you will need at camp and feedback from past staff members. You are welcome to adjust numbers of items or what you bring as you see fit. If you have questions, please email staffinfo@highrocks.com – we are happy to help.