Why Work At Camp High Rocks

Working at summer camp is the best resume builder.

What are the benefits of working as a camp counselor for the summer? What sets it apart from other summer jobs or internships? Working at camp is a rewarding and meaningful opportunity to make a positive impact on campers while developing leadership and business skills.


Develop Skills. Gain Community.

Develop Real Skills
Develop teamwork through working together with other staff members every day. You will rely on each other and support one another through all of camp. Gain management experience. Counselors oversee groups of campers, plan activities, and coordinate schedules. You will learn to manage your time and your campers. Cultivate your leadership skills through hands-on experience.

Gain A New Community
Life Long Friends: Each summer, we hire over 75+ staff members from all over the world with the intent to build a camp community that supports and values each staff member. Working at camp creates life-long friendships. When you spend time working, learning, and playing together strong bonds among our staff are formed.


Make A Difference. Get Trained.

Make A Difference
The main reason staff choose to work at camp is to make a difference in children’s lives. Counselors serve as role models and mentors, exemplifying positive behavior and values. 

Get Trained – New Certifications
We provide various training opportunities, such as Wilderness First Aid, Lifeguarding, and more. Our adventure staff often undergo Wilderness First Responder training. Our comprehensive staff orientation, spanning almost two weeks, equips counselors with essential skills for the summer camp experience. Many of the certifications will add to your resume and help you land your next outdoor job!

Add Camp to Your Resume

Add the skills you acquired at camp to your resume. You managed groups. You communicated effectively. You led a group of staff. You positively contributed to the team. 

Internships Available. Paid Fun!

Fulfill Your Internship Requirements
Camp can tailor your job to your internship requirements. Get in touch with us to chat about your internships needs. 

Paid Fun
Yes, working at camp is a job, however, it is also likely the most fun job you will ever have. You will work hard and play hard everyday. What other job has theme days, square dances, all camp capture the flag, and ice cream floats hand delivered? Camp celebrates the fun and quirky because we aim to bring joy to children.

Working at Camp High Rocks is incredibly fulfilling, and every day is an adventure!

Wyatt A. • Staff Member