Age Group Director

Take On A Leadership Role

Age Group Directors are central in creating a positive and supportive residential experience for campers and counselors alike. They are part of an activity staff and will assist in lessons, preparation, and trips as appropriate.


Job Responsibilities

  • Directly supervise campers and counselors in their assigned age group. 
  • Assist the Camp Directors with all activities, group issues and staff performance within those age groups.
  • Provide leadership, direction, and feedback to counselors under the Age Group Director’s supervision.
  • Maintain evaluations of counselors in age groups, discussing with Camp Directors the performance of staff assigned to age groups.
  • Connect with, support, and manage the campers in assigned age groups.
  • Communicate with Camp Directors regarding achievements, concerns, and on-going work with specific campers.
  • Facilitate age group community building and meetings.
  • Coordinate evening activities and special events with the Assistant Program Director and other Age Group Directors.
  • Perform daily instructor duties in a specific activity area.


Age Group Directors must have completed at least one year of college, though preference is given to candidates with multiple years of experience managing children and adults. Formal training in the fields of education, counseling, and leadership is a plus.


  • Starting Salary: $370 to $450 per week (depending on experience and qualifications).
  • Room, board, and free laundry facilities.
  • Opportunity to elevate transferable interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills.
  • And much more! Check them out below.

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