Sailing Instructor

Sail Into Summer

Our sailing instructors relish the experience of being on the water and imparting the fundamentals of sailing to campers. You’ll have the chance to cultivate campers’ appreciation for the water while teaching them essential skills. Candidates should have experience in small boat handling, knot tying, understanding points of sail, and boating safety.


Job Responsibilities

  • Sailing instructors use our private 11 acre lake for lessons ranging from rigging, points of sail, capsizing, games, and more.
  • Male applicants would also be a cabin counselor for a group of 5-7 boys.
  • Female applicants would have additional program duties in place of cabin coverage.


At least 19 years of age or rising college sophomore with a strong interest in teaching children. Preference is given to applicants with a lifeguard certification, small boat experience, and prior teaching. Enthusiasm for the sport stands out. The best candidates are those who can enjoy both the relaxation of a sailboat on a warm summer day while also focusing on the fun technical aspects of sailing with races, time trials, and other ways for campers to test their improving skills.


  • Starting Salary: $325 to $400 per week (depending on experience and qualifications).
  • Staff lounge and wireless internet available.
  • Includes room, board, and free laundry facilities.
  • And much more! Check them out below.

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